Chemsex Support In The Home Counties (Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire).

Chemsex Support In The Home Counties (Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire).

Where can you get help and support as a gay man with Chemsex (problems) in the Home Counties (including Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire?

Does Chemsex even exist in our quiet suburbs I hear some ask? Yes is the answer, look on Grindr, BBrt, Squirt, Scruff, Recon, Chempigs or any similar Apps at any time of the day or night in our local area and there are men searching for men and Chems. Often, it seems, just for a hook up. Yet underneath that façade of searching for the next hook up, what’s really going on?

As I read the newspapers, it is a far cry from the homophobia and fear of the 1980s and before, however, young gay men reading these same papers will still be indoctrinated with a belief that being gay is somehow not ok.  There are physical attacks, there is the damnation of PreP, there is stigma around HIV, and there are the simple but cruel taunts and gibes. The question then, is, how does this affect young men finding their feet with their sexuality?

Part of the impact will be internalised homophobia which is rife amongst men who have sex with men. Searching for that next person in their life that will make them feel okay about self. However, as we know, A.N.Other is not going to make us feel okay about ourselves. Working on the aspects of our lives that are fraught with difficulties will enable us to feel good about ourselves and more than that, will enable us to have the freedom to choose who and how we have sex without the need for enhanced stimulants to feel that sex is permissible and fun.

If you can answer yes to the following questions then maybe it is time to re-evaluate some areas of your life and work on loving yourself and becoming the best person you can be which in turn is more likely to attract the type of man that you are searching for. No guarantees there, but, certainly a far healthier you to take into the future.

  • I use hook up apps more than I want to
  • I meet up with men who I know very little about
  • I use chems regularly
  • My use of chems is affecting my life
  • Work is suffering
  • I spend days in Chemsex environments
  • I bareback without thinking about the consequences
  • I worry about HIV and STI’s but this doesn’t change my behaviour
  • I have put myself in danger more than once in the last six months
  • I am doing amounts/drugs that I always said I wouldn’t do
  • Friends/family are concerned about me
  • I behave in ways that I don’t always like

If you live in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or Hertfordshire and are searching for support with Chemsex then you are in the right place to begin a new journey.

Call or text Lorna Wykes on 07921223714

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