What is depression?

Depression can have different facets. Depression ranges in seriousness from mild, short-lived episodes of sadness to major clinical depression. Although everyone is faced with periods of sadness in life, when it affects your day to day life, it is recommended that you seek professional support.

Have you recently…

  • Had periods of low mood?
  • Feelings of despair?
  • Been sleeping more or less than usual?
  • Had increased or decreased appetite?
  • Been struggling to concentrate?
  • Been feeling irritable or aggressive?
  • Been feeling hopeless?
  • Had negative thoughts about yourself or your situation?
  • Felt life is not worth living?

You may have only one of these symptoms or you may recognise several. Whichever, we offer non-judgemental and confidential environments to examine what your needs are in order for you to successfully change the factors that are causing distress. Treatments that we are offer are tailored to suit each individual