Cannabis addiction

Cannabis is often seen as non-addictive and those that have problems with this drug are often frequently dismissed as not needing support.

In our experience this is just not true. If you or someone you love is experiencing problems with cannabis please contact us.

Every drug has the potential to be addictive.

What do we mean by this?

It is said that because you can’t get physically addicted to cannabis or ‘skunk/weed’ as is generally the current term, then it can’t be a problem. Many clients find that they need to use more to get ‘high’ or find that they are using more often than they want to or feel comfortable with. This is viewed as dependence and needs to be treated as seriously as any other substance abuse issue.

Do you…

  • Find it hard to relax without a joint?
  • Avoid people and places where you can’t smoke?
  • Spend more money than you can afford on smoking cannabis?
  • Find it hard to sleep without a smoke before bed?
  • Become irritable if you run out?
  • Find that others are concerned about what you’re doing?
  • Have arguments with others because of your drug use?
  • Concerned about your own or someone else use of cannabis?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then now is the time to get help.

We will tailor a therapeutic solution to meet your needs.

Call us today for a free telephone consultation or simply contact us for an appointment on 01296 749013.