Family members and concerned others

Are you affected by another person’s drug or alcohol use?

At Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy we recognise that family, friends and colleagues need support as much as the person suffering with addiction or alcoholism.

Families can find it hard to cope with the behaviour and effects of their loved ones drug or alcohol use. They often find it embarrassing and can be concerned about other people finding out.

Friends are often bewildered at the changes they see in a person and may not know where to get information for themselves.

Colleagues may be concerned about others in the work environment finding out what their associate is doing, and the impact in terms of their career.

Irrespective of your role in the life of someone whose drug or alcohol use is of concern to you, we offer a discreet and professional therapy service to support you through the difficult circumstances you find yourself in.

An intervention service can also be offered in conjunction with support for you.

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