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At Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy we offer a joint service for children and adolescents helping to tackle some of the issues that families and children face.

It may be that you are finding your child needs some external support to cope with changes in their life or that their behaviour is proving challenging and you would like to understand better what you can do as a parent to support them. Sometimes family changes can cause your child to become unsettled and the dynamic between two or more family members is proving challenging.

We offer a professional, non-judgemental and caring environment to explore with you and your child or teenager how you can move forward in a positive way to establishing harmony in your relationships and your home.

You will have a choice of therapies which your therapist and you can decide upon jointly. We aim to offer you an appointment within twenty four hours of contacting us.

Treatment Options and Services

  • Assessments
  • Observations
  • Family appointments
  • Individual appointments
  • Outreach services

Types of therapies include: DBT, CBT, Behavioural, Art Therapy, and Coaching/Mentoring.

Call us today for a free telephone consultation or simply contact to book an appointment on 01296 749013.