Child and adolescent emotional and behavioural concerns

Parenting is not easy even without any extra difficulties. There are times when you as a parent need that extra support to manage your child’s behaviour or work with them to understand their feelings that they may be finding it difficult to express or expressing their feelings in a way that is not constructive.

Children experience the same range of emotions as adults: happiness, sadness, anger, grief, fear, depression, loneliness and anxiety. It is when these emotions become overwhelming and the young person begins to act in ways that are harmful to themselves and/or family and friends; that this changes from normal behaviour to a concern for you as a parent.

Teenage years are fraught with additional hormones and changes. Sometimes though, it becomes apparent to you as their parent that they are finding life difficult beyond normal teenage angst. Please be assured this is more common than many parents realise.

Parents can sometimes feel that they are failing when they cannot resolve problems within the family. However we believe that it takes courage and strength to recognise that external support is necessary. You can be assured that we will offer the best support available in a non-judgemental and professional environment.

At Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy, we have a range of treatment options for children and adolescents.

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