Family concerns

In today’s society families are more likely to experience changes that are unexpected and unplanned. This can be changes in the family unit due to divorce or bereavement. It can include additions to the family through step children or maybe fostering or adoption. There are times when families have to relocate due to career changes and new opportunities.

Whilst the changes that occur can be inevitable, necessary or exciting, some or all of you as a family may be finding it difficult to cope with what is happening. This is an entirely normal response to big changes.

Parents can sometimes feel that they are failing when they cannot resolve problems within the family. However we believe that it takes courage and strength to recognise that external support is necessary. You can be assured that we will offer the best support available in a non-judgemental and professional environment.

At Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy, we have a range of treatment options for children and adolescents.

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