Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy is pleased to be able to extend our considerable skills base to companies, schools, colleges and universities.

Training Courses

February 2017 – August 2017

All courses are run by Lorna Wykes who has a wealth of experience in the subjects that she teaches. Where denoted, we have key speakers who teach an element of the subject or with direct experience of the subject.

All courses are run from 9.30am – 4.15pm and include refreshments and a buffet lunch.  All courses are offered on two or more dates. Please see available dates on page four.

All courses are charged at £100 per day, with a discount price of £80 for students or those who book 3 or more course dates. Please email lornawykes@homecountiesconsultancy.co.uk or complete the booking form to register your place on the course(s) of your choice.

Drug & Alcohol Intervention

Learn three theories of addiction, take time to look at attitudes towards alcohol and drug clients, and find out more about the treatment options that are most applicable with this client group. Guest speakers will conclude the day with personal experiences of recovery and what works for them.

Course Highlights

  • Addiction theories
  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Treatment options
  • Group based activities
  • Guest speakers

Chemsex and Men Who Have Sex With Men

Firstly, for many of you, gain an understanding of the term ‘chemsex’ and what that implies for working with this client group. Learn about the main triad of drugs that are involved on the chemsex scene and the dangers inherent in the interactions that can be caused by these drugs. Recognise the particular needs of this client group and gain an understanding of both the language and lifestyle inherent with chemsex.


  • Understand chemsex and the complexity of separating drug misuse and sexual behaviours.
  • Recognise internalised homophobia in clients in gay men
  • Recognise love and intimacy concerns
  • Gain an understanding of HIV beliefs within this community
  • Guest speaker.

Hoarding disorder

Learn about hoarding disorder as it is understood in DSM V and gain a deeper understanding of the diversities within hoarding disorders. Learn to recognise the individuality of each client you work with that is identified as having a hoarding disorder. Understand the guilt and shame in this client group asking for help and support. Gain insight into your own interpretations and beliefs about hoarding.


  • What is Hoarding Disorder
  • Diversity in hoarding disorder and treatment
  • Working with shame and guilt
  • Co-occurring conditions.
  • Treatment options.
  • Guest speaker

Personality Disorders

Learn about the main types of personality disorders that you could come into contact with in the counselling and therapy rooms. Recognise the hallmarks of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder. What are the implications for treatment? Can these disorders be treated and if so which ones? Learn how to protect yourself through awareness of the difficulties that these client groups can present both in the therapy room and to yourself as a counsellor or therapist.


  • Introduction to personality disorders
  • Disorder types and traits
  • Treatment options
  • Risk assessments
  • Discussion and activity based

Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Clients with BPD are notoriously hard to treat and for this reason, in many counselling situations, this client group will leave you feeling deskilled and frustrated. This short course will give you an overview of the condition and the treatment options.

You will learn:

  • What Borderline Personality Disorder is.
  • What the main traits and diagnostic features are.
  • How to take a history that will highlight potential difficulties.
  • What the treatment options are for clients with BPD are.
  • A history and overview of DBT.
  • Some of the main tenants of these therapeutic skills that you can add to the repertoire of skills you are currently learning.

Mindfulness & Meditation

How much of the time are we in the here and now? How much time do we spend thinking about what has to be done later, tomorrow, next week or next month? Learn how to live in the here and now and how to teach your clients to stay in the moment. Experience at least two different types of meditation and begin the journey towards finding out what suits you. Experience exercises in mindfulness that you can use in your own life and add to your skills set to teach others. An exciting day that is focussed on self-awareness and enhancing your own skills.

Course Overview

  • Origins of mindfulness and meditation
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Practice various meditation types
  • Using techniques with client groups
  • An opportunity to practice delivering a guided meditation
  • Guest speaker who trained in mediation in India
Course Dates
Drug & Alcohol Intervention Monday 27th February 2017
Saturday 18th March 2017
Chemsex and Men Who Have Sex With Men Saturday 8th April 2017
Wednesday 10th May 2017
Hoarding disorder Saturday 27th May 2017
Monday 19th June 2017
Personality Disorders Monday 3rd July 2017
Saturday 8th July 2017
Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Saturday 25th February 2017
Tuesday 28th March 2017
Mindfulness & Meditation Wednesday 12th April 2017
Saturday 13th June 2017

Educational Activities

Educating young people about drugs and alcohol and other types of addiction is a vital component of the work we do. We can also tailor other educational packages based on our skills base.

Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy offers a range of options for educating young people.

Seminars based on specific drug groups can be offered as a one off course or a series of courses over 4-6 weeks. Seminars are aimed at the more academic institutions. Your students will engage with a series of topics that will challenge their thinking at the same time as informing them of potential hazards. Topics covered can include brain chemistry and changes, genetic and environmental cues to addiction, the chemical compounds facing today’s youth and mental health implications of substance abuse. Each seminar will be followed by group discussion, psychodrama skills and a small piece of set work for the following week. We will tailor the course dependent upon the needs of your establishment.

Group based discussions can be utilised as a means of finding out the views of the young people and working towards a cohesive understanding of drugs and alcohol whilst utilising peer pressure to a positive advantage.

One to one therapeutic sessions can be offered as a means to circumvent a young person’s drug or alcohol use from deteriorating. A combination of motivational coaching, mentoring, addiction psychology and counselling can all be applied in these sessions.

Educating parents and teaching staff can be an invaluable resource. This can be achieved through one off seminars or a course that will be designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Professional Activities

Whether you are working with a client group where we can offer support or whether you are a professional organisation which needs support for your employees or co-workers, please read on.

Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy offers a range of services for professional organisations.

Seminars based on the requirements of your organisation. Seminars can be booked as one off half day or day courses, or we can offer 4-6 week course based seminars that will be tailored as a package from our skill base to provide you with a high level of knowledge and understanding in one or more of our areas of expertise.

Group based discussions can be utilised as a means of bringing cohesion to a team or an organisation.

One to one therapeutic sessions can be offered where you have individuals within your organisation that would benefit from support and yet need to maintain a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

Call us today to find out how we can be of benefit to you.