If you are concerned about someone close to you who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is important to act now.

Do not leave it to chance that they will seek help of their own volition.

One of the best methods of an individual recognising their need for treatment is via the recognition of what their addiction is doing to family members, loved ones and work colleagues.

Our intervention team will meet with each family member and work colleague who would like to be involved in the procedure. We will discuss with you the impact and support you through this process.

A time and a place will be set in collaboration with our team after we have made plans and arranged an inpatient placement. We will arrange for your loved one to enter rehabilitation immediately following the intervention.

We have 24hour access to an exclusive inpatient unit where the client will be detoxed if that is needed and with one to one and group work will be able to examine their life and the destructive path they are on.

The rehabilitation unit will provide one year’s aftercare for your loved one and Home Counties Therapeutic Consultancy will offer aftercare to you as the family if you feel it will be of benefit.

Don’t delay—Call today. This is the phone call that can save lives!